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MatrizPIX is a search engine on the image database of the Archive of Photographic Documentation of the General-Directorate for Cultural Heritage and allows registered users to order high resolution images online.

Welcome page
In this page you will be able to:
  • Choose the language
      Portuguese (PT)
      English (EN)
  • Perform a free text search
  • Enter all areas in the website

Online Exhibitions
This area displays photographic exhibitions, either online version of exhibitions presented in museums by the APD/DGPC or exhibitions specially prepared for MatrizPIX.

Links to other websites with image databases or technical resources on photography are available here.

Search can be launched in two different ways:
  • Simple search mode with free text, typing one or several words;
  • Advanced Search, by combining different search criteria.

Free text search uses one or several words in the search box without boolean operators (and, or, without, +, -). Records that match any of the words that you entered will be retrieved, no matter the order in which you have typed them. You should always use a space between each word. For example:
  • Valid search: « pintura retrato » [painting portrait]
  • Invalid search: « pinturaretrato » [paintingportrait]

Advanced search is made by filling in several fields to combine several criteria. For example, a first selection can be made if you specify:
  • The item’s major classification: Art, Archaeology, Ethnography
  • The image support: (colour transparency, radiography, reflectography, etc.)

The other fields can be used to refine the results:

  • Image ID - (National Photographic Inventory Number)
  • Institution/Owner
  • Inventory number
  • Name/Title
  • Date/Period
  • Keywords (free terms search)
  • Technical Information (medium: oil, canvas, clay, faience, stone, etc.)
  • Photographer

Search results
You don’t have to fill up all search fields. When search criteria are not specified, all images available will be returned. Search results are ordered by the Image ID. MatrizPIX shows 50 records per page by default. Please use page navigation icons to move between pages when a large amount of records is returned. Every image is accompanied by a caption where the owning institution and the inventory number are identified.

To see an enlarged image and more information click on the image. The new page will show an image with 565 pixels and a caption with detailed information, such as Image ID, type of photography, institution/owner of the item displayed, object’s inventory number, classification, name/title, date/period, dimensions, author/production and technical information. The photographer and the image copyright are also displayed.

Finding and ordering images. Register and Login
In the screen of the detailed image you can also click on “Add to order” and the image will be added to your request cart. You can access your image request at any time by clicking on “Image Order” box. Please follow the instructions in order to finalize your image request.

You have to register on our website to order images from this database. Please click on “New user” and fill in the fields. The information provided by you will remain strictly confidential and protected according to Portuguese Law.

On the form, you will be asked to enter your e-mail address. You will receive your password in your email account.

You should use your email and the password we will send you upon register each time you want order images from MatrizPix.

Once your image request has been finalized and sent to us, you will automatically receive a notification. The team of APD/DGPC will contact you to give you information on fees and conditions of reproduction on reception of your order.

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